Out of the Blue Wardrobe

In collaboration with Studio Pragt/Amsterdam I produced this playful wardrobe for a residential client. The most challenging aspect of the brief was achieving the three beautiful matching tints of blue and yet keeping the natural grain of the Birch plywood visible.

A lengthy in-house testing process came before we even started on the fabrication. In the end the Zweihorn Acquacreatiefbeits ACB was the winning product and in collaboration with HSH Schilderwerken/Hoofddorp and their finishing service, we brought the project to life in May 2021.

Design: Studio Pragt
Fabrication: Form & Function
Collaboration with HSH Schilderwerken, Hoofddorp

Material: Birch plywood stained with ‘Zweihorn Acquacreatiefbeits ACB’ and finished with Skylt original 2-component varnish

Colour tints: RAL 5024, RAL 5001 and RAL 5003