Richard Seager Music Cabinet

In 2017 I was honoured to win the Richard Seager Annual Arts Award, for which I created this cabinet. The brief was to design a cabinet that could house a vast collection of rare musical scores.
After learning more about Richard Seager and the purpose of the cabinet, I set out to design a personal piece that would provide storage, while embodying a story in its own right.

The starting point for the design was a music piece that Seager composed for his wife, Valerie. Both being passionate musicians, I wanted to find a way to incorporate his work into the design and celebrate their life together.

The pattern that runs over the front exterior of the cabinet is inspired by the work of the English composer, Cornelius Cardew.

In the 1960s Cardew created music scores unlike conventional music notations. He used lines, symbols and various geometric or abstract shapes and left it to the musician to interpret how to play the piece.

Through the Cornelius Cardew Trust I was introduced to composer and artist, Talia Morey who translated one of Seager’s piece into a beautiful graphical score in the style of composer Cornelius Cardew.

The cabinet’s shape is akin to a credenza and has been constructed from a range of materials – solid American maple, maple veneer, plywood and red Valchromat.